The duties and areas of production and business activities, as stipulated in Article 5 of Decision No. 919/QĐ-BTNMT issued by Minister of Natural Resources and Environment dated May 24,2010, including:
  1.  Performing the duties assigned by Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment in the field of editing, publishing, printing and distribution of maps, books, natural resource - environment specialized materials on nation wide and abroad.
  2. Synthesizing publishing demand of maps, books and natural resource - environment specialized materials and other publications, submitting publishing plans to Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and Ministry of Information and Communications for approval; signing publishing decisions under the approved plan.
  3.  Publishing books, specialized materials for the management, legal, scientific - technical dissemination, information and communication on Natural Resources - Environment as prescribed by law.
  4. Editing, publishing, printing and distributing system of topographic maps, cadastral maps, administrative maps, base maps; thematic maps, atlases, geographic globes on paper, CD - ROM, the internet and on other means, for the management  purposes of MONRE serving political, economical, cultural, social, scientific - technical goals.
  5. Establishing maps administrative boundary dossiers and administrative maps at all levels; establishing planning maps of land use and land use maps; surveying, establishing and updating topolographic maps all scale and Cadastral maps.
  6.  Consulting, designing projects, cost estimates and supervising construction of works within the fields of land administration, surveying, mapping.
  7.  Applying, transferring technology and consulting services in the fields of publishing, printing, distributing, surveying and mapping; designing to build geographic information database, land and environmental resources database and development of GIS applications.
  8.  Printing and distributing books, magazines, calendars, packaging labels, promotional products and other publications serving the domestic demands and exports.
  9.  Trading products, equipment and materials in the field of publishing, printing, distribution and advertizing
  10.  Renting accommodation, workshops, offices and warehouses.
  11.  Training and retraining new technologies in printing and surveying and mapping
  12.  Performing certain tasks or services outside the natural resources - environment sector when permitted by  authorities.
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